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Here is where I will tell you about my life as a stay-at-home wife and mom of three. There will be times we have struggled, times we have laughed and hopefully inspiration for those of you going through similar situations.

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Reasons to Consider Switching Phone Service


Reasons to Consider Switching Phone Service

We switched phone service over two years ago now and I couldn’t be happier! There are several reasons why we switched phone service.  I want to share the benefits with you of shopping around for cell phone service. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get good quality cell phone service. Here are some of the reasons we decided to switch to a pre-paid service.

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Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service:


Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service

Reason 1: Price

The price we were paying for my husband, my teenage daughter and myself to all have cell phones through a big company was ridiculous. These companies have added in a monthly charge for your phone. So add $20 per month per line to your bill. Plus they now add a fee for having a smart phone. So add another $10 per month per line. Since we switched we now only pay $45 a month per line! We are Saving over $150 a month . That is $1,800 a year!

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Turning 30 Sucks!


This past Friday I turned 30 and it sucks! Almost the entire month I was down and out thinking about how I was no longer going to be in my twenties. I was having a pity party and I was the only one invited. I was NOT ready for my thirties. I didn’t feel like I even got my teens and twenties. How could I already be turning 30?

A little back story for you; I was a TEEN mom. Yes I said it a Teen. I was only 15 when I had my daughter. Alexis was born in December of 2001. Guess what? I would not change that for the world! She has taught me the most important life lessons and how to grow up. Yes I had to grow up fast. The thing is , If I hadn’t had my daughter at such a young age there is no telling what I might have gotten myself into. Some of the groups of people (family and friends) went down some pretty hard paths. That could have been me, But it wasn’t. I didn’t have time because I was a mom. So I didn’t party as a teen, I didn’t run around, I didn’t get drunk or do any drugs. ( I mean any ! Never have) I am proud to be able to honestly say I have never done drugs. I have seen what it has done to people I love and it is not worth the pain.
As I got a little older I would get a babysitter (usually my parents) and go out once in a while. Nothing like normal 22 or 23-year-olds go out. I had fun. I drank. It just wasn’t very often. I met my now husband in 2009, and we went out here and there. I got pregnant in about February of 2010 with my first boy. I had Jase in November 2010. We moved out of our apartment and into a rental house. Then in 2012  I got pregnant with my second boy. Lucas was born in  December of 2012. With three kids there wasn’t much time for going out. My Husband and I really never even got to have “Date Nights’.

So the entire Month of September this year, I felt, I guess sad. Sad that I missed out? I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I wasn’t happy about “Being Old”. I decided I needed to go out for my Birthday. I don’t spend time with my friends ever, so what a great reason to be able to have a little time for myself right? We went out, My friend and I had dinner (had our first drink there) and she took me to a karaoke bar (I LOVE to sing) where we would meet up with a few friends. Before I know it there are people there we went to school with, or worked with and so on. Eventually there were several people buying my a drink for my Birthday. I drank a lot! For someone who, as a rule just doesn’t drink much this was crazy! I ended up really drunk. Thank god for my cousin who came and drove me home.

bday1                                          Turning 30 sucks

What I learned is; it’s alright for me go out with friends sometimes. I need friends in my life. Who could go the rest of their lives only talking to children? As a stay-at-home mom most of my conversations are with my kids. I need other adults to interact with from time to time. I DO NOT need to get that drunk.  I can have a couple of drinks, but I don’t need to go overboard. I am more open now to reach out to friends and invite them to come over or get lunch, even go out one weekend night a have a FEW drinks. I needed this. I needed this to show me I didn’t miss out on being young. If being young means headaches and a tore up stomach after being drunk and feeling sick, then I don’t want the time I felt like I lost back. I love what I have. I love my family, I love who I am and I love my Husband.


So if you ever have a Birthday you are having a hard time coming to terms with remember this: We are where we are because of our past. We are where we are supposed to be. I had a great day with my family before I went out, they made my Birthday very special. So you do not need to party all the time but there is Nothing wrong with getting together with friends. Spending time with other adults is almost VITAL when you have young kids.  Turning 30 Sucks but only for a little while.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who was there on my Birthday and made it a blast! Oh and no one told me until that night that it was my GOLDEN Birthday. I turned 30 on September 30th!

“Was there an age that You had a hard time coming to terms with? I would love to hear what age is was and how you got over it.”


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Guide To Shopping After Holiday Clearance



Who doesn’t love shopping clearance right? You can  find some amazing deals on clearance every day but after each Holiday is the BEST time to shop clearance. As we getting closer to fall everyone will be thinking about buying Halloween costumes, candy and decorations, what you should also think about is shopping those after Holiday clearance shelves. I have made a guide of items to look for on clearance after major Holidays.

Halloween : The day after Halloween most stores will mark their costumes, candy, decorations and other Halloween items down. I know Wal-Mart for example: Marks everything down to 50% off! That is amazing prices. Go head and grab your kids costumes for next year. Also while you’re at it, go ahead and grab a few of those bags of candy that are 50% off. You can always keep candy for school parties, treats at home, Birthday party gift bags and so much more. So why not only pay half off right? Even better if you have a coupon!

Thanksgiving: Black Friday shopping!! I love to go shopping on Black Friday. You can get such get prices on gifts for the Holidays. I hope to be able to list some of the best Black Friday deals this year as the ads become available.

Christmas: My FAVORITE time to shop clearance. The options are endless! The day after Christmas many places put everything related to the Holidays on clearance 50%. Get up early folks you’re not going to want to miss out! Wrapping paper for next year (why pay full price? you already know you will be wrapping something next year). Tissue paper, bows, name tags, boxes, tap, Christmas light, Christmas tress, gift sets, perfume or cologne, bags, candy, makeup bag sets , toys and so much more! This is a GREAT time to get a head start for next year.

Valentine’s Day: 50% the day after. Stock up on any decor, bags, candy, stuffed animals, those heart-shaped candy boxes, even flowers for a loved one!

Easter: Once again, 50% the day after. Look for Baskets (for next year or even craft projects) Candy, stuffed animals, plastic baggies with Easter theme, treat bags (great to have for next years spring party at school) small Easter crafts for kids, even select toys.

Those are the main Holidays that are great for stocking up for day after clearance. Keep in mind not all store (uhum.. Target) start at 50% the next day but, most do. Also look for Holiday treat bags, zipper baggies, freezer bags, paper cups and napkins, storage containers and anything else that has a Holiday theme on it. I hope you get a lot of great deals this year. By shopping clearance you can be saving your family HUNDREDS of dollars every year on things that you will be buying already, so go head and get them cheaper. No need to waste your money later.


Also if you are just starting out trying to figure out more ways to save come on over and read Six Easy Ways To Save Without Clipping Coupons

”  What is your favorite thing to get on clearance after a holiday ? Leave me a                            comment below and share your favorites”


Potty Training Made Fun

Aren’t these the Best times with our toddlers? I have one girl, (now a teenager) and two boys. Plus, I have helped a few friends of mine with potty training. Let me start by saying, my girl was easy. Had no problems at all. The boys however, a whole different ballgame! Boys are gross! If you have boys you know exactly what I mean. My boys liked to grab their “parts” and talk about them! Oh, I’ve heard it all! My oldest son is five now. When he was potty training he used to get a hold of his “parts” and he was in awe. I remember him saying “look how big it is!” Boys play with themselves so much. I am constantly telling one of them to get their hands out of their pants and not to touch their butt holes. This makes me laugh so hard to even talk about.

Both my boys had a hard time going “poop” in the potty. I still am not sure what the reason is. My best guess is they didn’t want to take time out of playing to stop and use the bathroom. They both did great at the peeing part; it was just the pooping they didn’t want to do. I had to get creative and make it fun so I made up a song. More like a little rap about going potty.

                     “ I pooped in the potty not my pants

I pooped in the potty not my pants

I can clap my hands cause

I pooped in the potty not my pants

now  Worrrddd!!!”

I know, I know it is so silly. The crazy part; IT worked!  Who knew? They loved to sing along and they loved holding out the “word”. They both had a great time going to the bathroom after the rap song and the funny part is now we have neighbors who sing this song. Isn’t it amazing how just being silly can create something fun, catchy and apparently everyone want to sing along to.

So my best advice when it comes to potty training is: Have fun with it. If you don’t it can become very frustrating and not a good time for you or your toddler. We need to makes things as simple and fun as we can, because being a mom is stressful. We love it but it is hard. So save some sanity and sing the “potty rap” next time your toddler goes number two!


A Day As An Officer’s Wife


A Day As An Officer’s Wife

Those of you who don’t know me, my husband has always wanted to be in Law Enforcement. Last year he got the opportunity to finally do just that. He started school last summer at a Local Police Academy. While he worked full-time during the day he also went to school at night. Talk about the longest ten months of my life.

I have always supported my husband in everything he has done or wanted to do and I always will. I’m not going to lie, though, these were some of the toughest times we have had together. It was so hard on me to be alone day, night and most weekends taking care of the kids. I know it was so hard on him too. He was worn out every single day by the time he got to come home. Not to mention he had to find time for homework. Honestly, I missed my husband so much.

Well, we made it through and he graduated. I am so beyond proud of him!

As soon as he was done with school his work hours changed to over nights. Let me just tell ya, at first I thought to myself “this was easier when you were going to school and working. At least I wasn’t at home alone at night.” I had many sleepless nights before I got adjusted to him being gone at night and sleeping during most of the days. I guess maybe I am just not great with big changes.

As The Days Have Gone By….

Things have gotten easier since then. The part that is the hardest on the wife of an officer is, we never know if that kiss goodbye before he leaves for work will be our last. I am constantly praying he is safe and gets to come home after his shift. Do you know how hard that is? At times its unbearable to even think something could happen while he is at work. I am so unbelievably blessed to have such a caring and dedicated husband who wants to not only protect his family but his entire community.

I Am One Proud Wife

I will forever stand by his side and be proud of the commitment he is making and sacrifice he makes every single day for all of the community to feel more safe. Will I worry every single time he walks out the door?, Yes. Will I pray every day that he gets to come back home safe?, Yes. Will I ever ask him to pick a different career? Heck NO! He is getting to make his dreams come true! That is huge and I could not be happier he gets to achieve those life goals he has set for himself!

Let’s All Thank An Officer For His Sacrifice

Let me ask you to think about this the next time you see an officer. Think about the family he or she might have. The kids he or she may have. About how much he or she is doing to protect his community all while putting their life on the line. These officers are Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers. At the end of the day each one of them have someone waiting for them hoping they will get to come home at the end of their shift.


                   ” Do you have any loved ones who are officers?”

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Target



My Love/Hate Relationship With Target

My Love/Hate Relationship With Target

I love Target, I do. Sometimes we don’t always get along. I figure that comes with all relationships right? We have good weeks, we have bad weeks. This is why I say ” My Love/Hate Relationship With Target.

This week just happened to be one of our best yet! It’s weeks like this that give me new hope for shopping at Target. I ended up with a ton of food for our family. “Oh, and by food I mean frozen processed corn dogs and Tyson chicken products. My kids loves this products! What kid doesn’t?”

Anyways, I did spend out of pocket around forty-five dollars, but we have over two-hundred dollars worth of food. So I am pretty happy with everything I got.

Where The “Hate” Part Comes In

Now, I will say I am not always this happy with Target. Actually I find myself more up set with Target than happy if I’m being honest. See, where I live there is only ONE target anywhere near me. ONE! So I have to drive about twenty minutes to get there. No big deal. Unless you are me.

I tend to make a list of all the “Great Deals” and when I get there, NOTHING. They are out of stock on every single item I came for. So I also tend to leave empty handed and upset with the amount of gas I wasted to get there, only to be let down.


We Can Work On It

Myself would love Target more if there were more than one within a hundred mile radios from me. I might have a better shot and getting some of the great deals every week. Also I do wish the Target we had would have more training  for cashiers on coupons and their policies. Do not get me wrong, there are a few guys who work at my store that are GREAT! I just have to try my hardest to get into their line every time I go.

There are so many things about Target I love. I like their “gift card” deals they do each week, their cartwheel app, and I love their clearance. I’m sure that there are several people with love/hate relationships with the stores in their area.

  Which store do you have a Love/Hate relationship with?


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Why I Do Not Shop at Walgreens

Okay so I do not shop Walgreens much. For me, its just too hard to save. I’m not at all saying I do not like Walgreens or to not shop there. I’m simply saying it takes too much time and effort for myself to be motivated to coupon there.

Walgreens has too many rules and ways to get money back on items you buy. They have “register rewards” which prints out like a coupon after you pay, and they have “Balance Rewards” which are point you earn for buying different items.

If I’m being honest its just confusing. I understand it, but its very hard to teach someone who is new to couponing what the rules are at Walgreens. You can not buy two items at the same time and get “Register Rewards” for both items. You have to split them up. Also if you can not use your “Balance Rewards” To pay if you are expecting to get any points back.

Now that being said, they do have some great deals each week. If you’re motivated and willing to put in the time and effort to plan each transaction, you will score some great deals. I personally just do not have time. I will every once in a while get a few deals here and there if there isn’t much planning involved.

If you Love Walgreens and have fun shopping there, that’s awesome. Keep up the great and hard work!

Which stores do you shop most at?


It’s Alright To Not Be Perfect

So What If You Aren’t Perfect?

Every single mom and wife has felt like she is failing at some point, and that’s okay. We all want to be that one who “has it all together”. Hell, who doesn’t? The truth is “that girl” is struggling too. Not everyone can keep their house clean everyday or their makeup and outfit “on point”. It’s Alright To Not Be Perfect.

Every single one of us have things we would like to get better at. That’s life. The problem isn’t our flaws. The real problem is we care too much about what others have to say or what they may think. Our lives shouldn’t be based on what others think; how we raise our kids or keep our house, whether we stay at home with our kids or go to work. That is not up to anyone else. We get to decide what is best for our family. No one else.

So if you’re struggling right now trying to do it all. It’s okay, we all are. What matters is that we give it all we’ve got and love with all we have. Don’t let others determine your happiness or make you feel like you aren’t doing a great job, because you are!

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How I started couponing 

Hi! My name is Tessa. I am a stay at home mom of three and a very proud wife to one amazing man! About five years ago now I happened upon the famous T.V. show “Extreme couponing” and loved it. I was so fascinated with how much money these people were saving. I just knew I needed to jump right in.

   Let me tell ya, Couponing is not at all like what the show makes it out to be. It was tough to get into the swing of it all. I had never used many coupons before so it took time to understand all the rules and fine prints. Different stores have different policies and no, you can not use 24 of the same coupon in one transaction like they show on T.V. They made it seem like there were no rules. There are many many rules to using coupons. 

I did it though and I’m glad I did. No I am not able to get 86 bottles of laundry detergent free at one store in one transaction, but I am saving our family thousands and thousands of dollars every year. That alone makes it worth if for me. It can be hard to get started but once you do it is so worth every minute to it takes. 

 Raising three kids on one income is tough. We were struggling bad. I needed to do something to cut down our exspenses. Anything I could do to save is money needed to happen and fast! Even though the show is not at all reality, it help inspire me to try and save as much as possible. 

 Five years later, I still use coupons and I have learned many more money and time saving tips that I am so excited to get to share with all of you.

Let me know what inspired you to start finding ways to save. Until next time.

Happy Spending