Why I Do Not Shop at Walgreens

Okay so I do not shop Walgreens much. For me, its just too hard to save. I’m not at all saying I do not like Walgreens or to not shop there. I’m simply saying it takes too much time and effort for myself to be motivated to coupon there.

Walgreens has too many rules and ways to get money back on items you buy. They have “register rewards” which prints out like a coupon after you pay, and they have “Balance Rewards” which are point you earn for buying different items.

If I’m being honest its just confusing. I understand it, but its very hard to teach someone who is new to couponing what the rules are at Walgreens. You can not buy two items at the same time and get “Register Rewards” for both items. You have to split them up. Also if you can not use your “Balance Rewards” To pay if you are expecting to get any points back.

Now that being said, they do have some great deals each week. If you’re motivated and willing to put in the time and effort to plan each transaction, you will score some great deals. I personally just do not have time. I will every once in a while get a few deals here and there if there isn’t much planning involved.

If you Love Walgreens and have fun shopping there, that’s awesome. Keep up the great and hard work!

Which stores do you shop most at?

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