Learning To Coupon

Why Couponers Get a Bad Name

I’m sure we have all thought it. I know I have and I am one them! Using coupons is supposed to be a way to help save families some of their money. People take it way too far! There is a reason why some people look at couponers with hate. I get it. I look at some the same way! I coupon. I stock up some things we need and use most often. I do NOT clear shelves. I swear, a lot of the couponers in my area are ruthless! They have no concern or respect for others. I see people buying 42 papers each week to get the coupons out of them! That is overboard right? Who needs 46 cases of water?! These people don’t believe the end of the world is coming, they simply do not want anyone else being able to get these great deals. These people want to be the only ones who get to take advantage of “stock up” prices. These people are the reason “we” couponers look terrible!

Then you have these people who cleared every shelf in every store in town, turn around and SELL their stuff they got almost free on Facebook garage sale sites! Really?! This is the prime reason that the coupon values have plummeted in the last year. The sole reason why stores are cutting down on coupons being used. These people are the reason there have to be so many rules in place now. That doesn’t stop them though. Instead of just getting the four that is allowed, these people will take their stuff to the car and come back to do the same deal again and again. Until they have taken every single last item that was on sale.

I get wanting to get as much as you can while it is on sale. I have thought about clearing shelves just so those selfish people do not do it first. I would donate the items as where those people sell them for profit! I don’t do it because I want others to get the same great deals.. However, this is too much. I do not want to be looked like I am committing a crime every time I hand the cashier a couple of coupons.

For those of you trying to coupon by the rules to save some money,  good job and thank you. Please do not let these greedy people who are cheating the system and breaking the rules discourage you from saving your family money. When I started it was easier to save. There were higher value coupons, but it is still possible to save hundreds each month without breaking any rules. So keep your head up and do not let those type of people keep you from saving your family money. I almost gave up a few years ago but, I am so glad I didn’t! I can proudly say I am saving my family thousands every year without breaking any laws or rules! You can too!

I hope you to see more people using coupons the right way. Let us make a point to do things the right way. Not to cheat the system or to be selfish. Save yourself and your family lots of money, without being a greedy coupon snot!


 I hope we all can save money without becoming “That Couponer” who blew it all for the rest of us!

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