Turning 30 Sucks!


This past Friday I turned 30 and it sucks! Almost the entire month I was down and out thinking about how I was no longer going to be in my twenties. I was having a pity party and I was the only one invited. I was NOT ready for my thirties. I didn’t feel like I even got my teens and twenties. How could I already be turning 30?

A little back story for you; I was a TEEN mom. Yes I said it a Teen. I was only 15 when I had my daughter. Alexis was born in December of 2001. Guess what? I would not change that for the world! She has taught me the most important life lessons and how to grow up. Yes I had to grow up fast. The thing is , If I hadn’t had my daughter at such a young age there is no telling what I might have gotten myself into. Some of the groups of people (family and friends) went down some pretty hard paths. That could have been me, But it wasn’t. I didn’t have time because I was a mom. So I didn’t party as a teen, I didn’t run around, I didn’t get drunk or do any drugs. ( I mean any ! Never have) I am proud to be able to honestly say I have never done drugs. I have seen what it has done to people I love and it is not worth the pain.
As I got a little older I would get a babysitter (usually my parents) and go out once in a while. Nothing like normal 22 or 23-year-olds go out. I had fun. I drank. It just wasn’t very often. I met my now husband in 2009, and we went out here and there. I got pregnant in about February of 2010 with my first boy. I had Jase in November 2010. We moved out of our apartment and into a rental house. Then in 2012  I got pregnant with my second boy. Lucas was born in  December of 2012. With three kids there wasn’t much time for going out. My Husband and I really never even got to have “Date Nights’.

So the entire Month of September this year, I felt, I guess sad. Sad that I missed out? I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I wasn’t happy about “Being Old”. I decided I needed to go out for my Birthday. I don’t spend time with my friends ever, so what a great reason to be able to have a little time for myself right? We went out, My friend and I had dinner (had our first drink there) and she took me to a karaoke bar (I LOVE to sing) where we would meet up with a few friends. Before I know it there are people there we went to school with, or worked with and so on. Eventually there were several people buying my a drink for my Birthday. I drank a lot! For someone who, as a rule just doesn’t drink much this was crazy! I ended up really drunk. Thank god for my cousin who came and drove me home.

bday1                                          Turning 30 sucks

What I learned is; it’s alright for me go out with friends sometimes. I need friends in my life. Who could go the rest of their lives only talking to children? As a stay-at-home mom most of my conversations are with my kids. I need other adults to interact with from time to time. I DO NOT need to get that drunk.  I can have a couple of drinks, but I don’t need to go overboard. I am more open now to reach out to friends and invite them to come over or get lunch, even go out one weekend night a have a FEW drinks. I needed this. I needed this to show me I didn’t miss out on being young. If being young means headaches and a tore up stomach after being drunk and feeling sick, then I don’t want the time I felt like I lost back. I love what I have. I love my family, I love who I am and I love my Husband.


So if you ever have a Birthday you are having a hard time coming to terms with remember this: We are where we are because of our past. We are where we are supposed to be. I had a great day with my family before I went out, they made my Birthday very special. So you do not need to party all the time but there is Nothing wrong with getting together with friends. Spending time with other adults is almost VITAL when you have young kids.  Turning 30 Sucks but only for a little while.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who was there on my Birthday and made it a blast! Oh and no one told me until that night that it was my GOLDEN Birthday. I turned 30 on September 30th!

“Was there an age that You had a hard time coming to terms with? I would love to hear what age is was and how you got over it.”


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  1. I too was a mom at 16! I wouldn’t change it for the world! I love all my babies! I also know how it feels when your hitting your milestone birthdays! But believe me it get easier! I’m 45 with a one yr old! To me that is absolutely insane!

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