Learning To Coupon

The Different Types Of Coupons

This post is going to be more for those of you who are just starting to use coupons, or who have thought about it but aren’t sure yet. There are a few types of coupons and many ways to get them. Let me save you some time and Sanity by breaking it down.

1: Manufacture Coupons

These are coupons from manufactures. (Example : $1 off Tide Detergent) Now there will be exclusions on sizes or specific products. These coupons can be used at any store that accepts coupons. The coupon will say “Manufacture Coupon” accross the top.

2: Store Coupons:

This means only that store will accept the coupon. Instead of saying “Manufacture” it will say the name of the store across the top.

3: Printable Coupons:

The best place to start is Coupons.com. You can print anything from food to household coupons. These are also “Manufacture Coupons” and most stores will accept them. You will need to install the coupon printer to your computer the first time you print. This allows the barcode to be printer on the coupon so it will scan at the register.

Side note: you can also sometimes print store coupons online as well.

Now I would like to add, the best place to get your coupons every week is the Sunday news paper. Every Sunday there will be coupon inserts in the paper. Except Holidays. These are little paper “books” filled with Manufacture Coupons. Some weeks we may only get one insert or we may get up to five.

I also want to mention the different types of inserts you will find in there Sunday papers.

1: SmartSource

Tons of different coupons for food and many others items. Smartsource.com also has printable coupons available.

2: RedPlum

Again food, household and beauty products as well as many other coupons come in RedPlum each week. Again RedPlum.com also has coupons to print.

3: P&G (Proctor & Gamble)

As you might know P&G manufactures many many  products including Tide, Pampers, Always, Crest, Gillette, Covergirl and so many other products. This is the best insert to get because it typically has higher value coupons than the other inserts. P&G inserts come once a month. You wanna make sure you buy a few papers that week.

You can always Google search “coupon insert schedule” to find out which coupons to expect each week. Lots of sites will even offer you a preview of which coupons might be included each week. This helps you decide how many papers you want to buy that week. If there is going to be coupons for products you buy regularly you might consider picking up a few papers so you can stock up when those items go on sale.

I hope this helped you understand a little better the different types of coupons you can use. When I first started I didn’t know what any of this meant. It gets easier once you get into it. So jump in, save some money and have fun!

¬† Feel free If you have questions to ask away! I’m happy to help anyway I can!

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