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The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/7/17

Happy Wednesday! You wont want head to the store without checking to see what is on sale! I am unsure when Wal-Marts here in the Springfield, Mo area will stop price matching but it is only a matter of time. That means we will want to pay even more attention to the sale ads each week. Let’s start now with ” The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/7/17 ”

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The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/7/17


The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/7/17 USA, LLC

Hy-Vee 2-Day Sale Fri & Sat

Link: Hy-Vee 2-Day Ad

Ground Chuck $2.99/lb

Pepsi 24 pk Cans $4.88

Driscoll’s Strawberries $1.49/lb

Xtra Laundry Detergent 75 oz $1.99

Simply Done Bath Tissue 12 rolls $3.99

Gatorade 32 $.77

HY-Vee Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.77/lb


Hy-Vee Weekly

Link: Hy-Vee Weekly Ad

Fresh Sweet Corn 2/$1.00

Red Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb

Country Pride Chicken Leg Quarters $.49/lb

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs and Bologna 2/$3.00

Sun Chips and Doritos $1.99

Hy-Vee white bread $.88

Kellogg’s Pop  Tarts $1.88

Pepsi 6 pk bottles 4/$8.88

Tombstone Pizza 3/$9.00


Harter House

Link: Harter House Ad

Fully Cooked Sliced Turkey Breast $1.99/lb

Dr Pepper 2 liters $.99

Totino’s Party Pizzas $.99

Red Seedless Grapes $.99/lb

Red, Green or Romaine Leaf Lettuce $.99

Sweet Mangoes 2/$1.00

Best Choice Medium Eggs $.59

Always Save Fries $.99

Dawn Dish Soap 8 oz $.99

Baby Carrots 1 lb $.99

Colored Bell Peppers $.89 ea

Yellow or Zucchini Squash $.99/lb

Jumbo Cantaloupe $1.89

Blackberries 6 oz $1.99

Red or Back Plums $1.99/lb



Link: Murfins Ad

Bagged Chicken Leg Quarters 10 lb bag  $.39/lb

Ground Chuck Family pack $2.49/lb

Best Choice Bath Tissue 12 rolls $2.99

Totino’s Part Pizza 10/$10.00

Red Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb

Vidalia Onions $.69/lb

Slicing Cucumbers $.79 ea

Colored Bell Peppers $.89 ea

Hiland Sour Cream or Dips 16 oz $1..69

Nestle 24 pk Bottles water $2.99


Buy 8 Save $8.00 (price is when you buy 8)

Maxwell Wake Up Roast Coffee 30.65 oz $6.49

Crystal Light Drink Mix on the go or Pitcher packs $1.49

Country Time, Tang or Kool-Aid Drink Mix $1.99

Classico Pasta Sauce $1.79

Kraft Miracle Whip 22 or 30 oz $2.99

Kraft Mayo 22 or 30 oz $2.99

Cracker Barrel Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 11.9 or 14 oz $2.49

Cracker Barrel Oven Backed Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 12.3 oz $2.99

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.79

Kraft Graded Parmesan Cheese 8 oz $2.79

Kraft Cubed, Shredded, or Chunk Cheese 5-8 oz $1.79

Jell-O $.99

Kraft Single Slices 12 oz $1.99

Hershey Pudding Snacks $1.49

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Price Cutter

Link: Price Cutter Ad

Red Seedless Grapes $.98/lb

Chicken Of the Sea Tuna 2/$1.00

Ground Beef family pack $1.99/lb

Kraft String Cheese $2.99

Lays , Doritos and Cheetos family size 3/$10.00

Dr Pepper 2 liters 5/$5.00

Kraft Buy 8 Save $8.00 (price is when you buy 8)

Maxwell Wake Up Roast Coffee 30.65 oz $6.29

Crystal Light Go Packs $1.49

Country Time, Tang or Kool-Aid Mix $1.99

Classico Pasta Sauce $1.79

Miracle Whip 30 oz $3.19

Mayo 22 or 30 oz $2.79

Mac & Cheese 5 pk $4.79

Cracker Barrel Mac n Cheese Dinners $2.29

Cracker Barrel Oven Backed $2.99

Planters Peanuts 16-20 oz $2.29

Jello gels or pudding $.99

Hershey Pudding packs $1.49

Grated Parmesan 8 oz $2.79

American Single Slices 12 oz $1.99

Shredded, chunks and cubed cheeses $1.69

Velveeta $5.99

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.69


4-Day Meat Sale Thurs-Sun

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 4-5 lb bag $.97/lb

Chicken Leg Quarters 10 lb bag $.47/lb

Farmland Pork Riblets 10 lb bag $.97/lb

Eye of Round Roasts $2.97/lb

Whole Boneless Pork Loin $1.97/lb

Jumbo Pack Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops $1.67/lb


King Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale price)

Link: King Cash Saver Ad

Bone-In Boston Butt Roast $.99/lb

Whole Chicken Fryers $.85/lb

Russet Potatoes 15 lb bag $1.98

Totino’s Pizzas $.91

Strawberries 16 oz 2/$3.00

Best Choice Peanut Butter 16 oz $.99

Kool-Aid Kool Blasts $.78

Head of Lettuce $.77

Smithfield Sliced Bacon $1.99


Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale price)

Link: Cash Saver Ad

Family Pack Top Sirloin Steaks $2.98/lb

Family Pack Ground Round $3.18/lb

Boneless Pork Chops Family Pack $1.68/lb

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs $2.18/lb

10 lb bag Chicken Leg Quarters $3..88 ea

Red Seedless Grapes $.98/lb

Dr Pepper and Coke 2 liters $.92

Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag $1.88

Vidalia Onion 3 lb bag $1.48

Cucumbers $.48

Large Cantaloupe $1.88



Link: Aldi Ad

Peaches and Nectarines $.75/lb

Organic Grape Tomatoes pint $2.49

Green Seedless Grapes $.99/lb

Cantaloupe $.99 ea

Del Monte Pineapple $1.29

Organic Baby Carrots 1 lb $1.69

Kiwi 2 lb package $1.99

Colored Bell Peppers 3 pk $1.69


Ruby’s Market

Link: Ruby’s Market Ad

Blue Berries 6 oz $.98

Red or Green Peppers 2/$1.00

Red Seedless Grapes $1.48/lb

Mangos 2/$1.00

Beef Steak or Roma Tomatoes $.88/lb

Green beans or Red Potatoes $.98/lb

Organic Strawberries 16 oz $2.48

Zucchini or yellow Squash $.88/lb

Bi-Color Sweet Corn 5/$2.00

Grape Tomatoes pint 2/$3.00


When I started looking at the ads for this week I was not too impressed. The more I looked I realized it was a pretty good week. There are a couple of stores doing a Kraft sale, Hy-Vee has a 2-Day sale and there are some other great deals this week! Share with friends and family to help everyone get the best prices! I hope you all have a great week and I will see you all again next Wednesday!

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