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The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/28/17

Happy Wednesday! This is the last week of the month so I am hoping there will be some great deals to end the month of June!  Not to mention we should see some 4th of July Sales! Let’s jump into ” The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/28/17 “!

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The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/28/17

The Best Grocery Deals Starting 6/28/17


Link: Murfins Ad

Best Choice Bottled Water 24 pk $1.99

Gatorade 32 oz $.79

Bar S Franks 2/$1.00

Seedless watermelon $2.99

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $.99

Coke 12 pk cans 3/$8.98

Lay’s Family Size $1.99

Kingsford Charcoal 14.6-15.4 lb $6.99

Vlastic Pickles 3/$5.00

Family Pack Pork Steak $1.89/lb

Pork Spare Ribs $1.99/lb

Ballpark Franks 3/$5.00

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks $2.99


Hy-Vee 3-Day Sale Fri, Sat & Sunday

Link:H-Vee 3-Day Sale

Sweet Corn 4/$1.00

Whole Seedless Watermelon $1.88

Fresh Ground Beef $1.48/lb

Pork Loin Rib Eye Chops 10/$10.00


Hy-Vee Weekly

Link: Hy-Vee Weekly Ad

8 Free Brats When You Buy 8 ground chuck patties 8/$12.00

Red Seedless Grapes $1.48/lb

Pepsi 12 pk cans 4/$10.00

Lays Family Size Chips $1.48

Hy-Vee Buns (hot dog or hamburger) $.68

Oscar Mayer hot dogs or bologna 2/$3.00

Kraft Shredded Cheese 5/$10.00 w/in ad coupon

Kraft slices $1.99

Hy-Vee Pasta 10/$8.00

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce $.99

Coke 12 pk cans 4/$10.00

Gatorade 8 pk $3.99


Harter House

Link:Harter House Ad

Pepsi 24 pk $5.99

Gatorade 8 pk $2.99

Pepsi 6 pk bottles $1.99

Sweet Corn 4/$1.00

Green Onion 2/$1.00

Head of Lettuce $.99

Kraft Cheese $1.99

Red Diamond Tea $1.99

Kraft Slices $1.99

Green & Black Seedless Grapes $1.29/lb

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs or Bologna 2/$3.00


King Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale price)

Link:King Cash Saver Ad

Baby Back Ribs $2.69/lb

Sweet corn 5/$1.00

Russet Potatoes 4 lb $.99

Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale price)

Link: Cash Saver Ad

Hormel Sliced Bacon $2.98

Baby Back Pork Ribs $2.48/lb

Boneless Pork Loin Chops $1.68/lb

Pork Boston Butt Roast $1.28/lb

Ball Park Franks $.91

Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.78

Cool Whip $1.00



Link: Aldi Ad

Strawberries 16 oz $.99

Sweet Corn 4 Pk $.99

Cantaloupe $.99

Washington Red Cherries 1 lb $1.69

Seedless Watermelon $2.99


Ruby’s Market Wednesday Only

Link: Ruby’s Wednesday Only Ad

Pineapple $.98

Green Seedless Grapes $.99/lb

Colored Bell Peppers $.88 ea

Gala Apples $.98/lb


Ruby’s Market Weekly

Link: Ruby’s Market Ad

Cantaloupe $1.49

Sweet Corn 3/$1.00

Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb USA, LLC


I am seeing some good deals this week! Be sure to share with friends! I hope you all have a great week and Happy 4th of July! Thanks for reading! See you all next week!

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