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The Best Grocery Deals Starting 3/22/17

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am getting better each week at juggling all life is throwing at me. This list is for Springfield Missouri and surrounding area. This week there are some good deals to take advantage of. Don’t miss Hy-Vee 3 day sale this week. I hope The Best Grocery Deals Starting 3/22/17 helps you save your family some money this week. Let’s see what is on sale…


The Best Grocery Deals Starting 3/22/17

The Best Grocery Deals Starting 3/22/17



Link:Murfins Ad

Best Choice Shredded Cheese 4/$5.00

Whole Chicken Fryers $.99/lb

Best Choice Sugar 4 lbs $1.49

Jack’s Pizza 4/$10.00

Tide Simply Clean and Fresh Liquid 138-150 oz $4.99

Little Debbie Mini Donuts 2/$3.00

Boneless Pork LoinRoast $1.89/lb

Pork Country Butt Style Pork Ribs $1.69/lb

Pork Spare Ribs $1.99/lb

Boston butt Pork Roast $1.59/lb

Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna 16 o $3.99

Coke Products 12 pack cans 3/$9.99

Dr Pepper 12 cans $3.59

Dr Pepper 2 liter bottles $1.00

Pepsi 8 pack bottles 4/$10.00



Harter House:

Link: Harter House Ad

Boneless Skinless Chicken fillets 5 lb bag $.99/lb  (limit 2 )

Tyson Fully Cooked Bacon $1.99

Boston Burger $1.99/lb

Pepsi 2 liters $.99

Coke 12 pk cans $2.99

Dr Pepper 2 liters $.99

Best Choice Shredded Cheese $1.50

Navel Oranges 3/$1.00



Hy-Vee 3 Day Sale:

Link: Hy-Vee 3 day ad

Whole Boneless Pork loin $1.58/lb

Lays Family Size Chips $1.88

Pepsi 6 pk Bottles $1.88  (limit 4)

Strawberries $1.88

Kellogg’s Rice Kristpies 9 oz or Corn Flakes 8.7 oz $1.69  (limit 4)

Scott Bath Tissue 12 rolls or Scott Paper towels 6 rolls $5.48

Era laundry detergent 50 oz $1.99  (limit 2)

That’s Smart Cottage Cheese 24 oz $1.38

Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies 2/$3.00

Kellogg’s Fruit snacks 4/$5.00


Hy-Vee Weekly Ad:

Link: Hy-Vee Weekly Ad


Hy-Vee Russet Potatoes 5 lb $.99

Bottles water (Hy-Vee Brand) 24 ct 4/$10.00

Hy-Vee Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $.77

Fresh Sweet Corn 2/$1.00

Kraft Shredded Cheeses 2/$4.00 (with in ad coupon)

Hy-Vee Pasta $.77

Hy-Vee Sandwich Bread $1.18

Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3 oz $.99  (limit 1)

Tostitos Cantina or Sunchips $1.99

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.39

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 3/$5.00

Coke 12 pk cans 3/$9.00


Price Cutter :

Link: Price Cuter Ad


Ground Beef family pk $2.49/lb

Lays Chips $1.88

Kraft Mayo 2/$4.00

K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce $.49  (limit 2)

Hiland Sour cream or dips $.89

Hiland Stick Butter $2.99

Coke Products 12 pk cans 3/$10.00

Dr Pepper 2 liters $.99

Red Delicious Apples $.99/lb


King Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale prices):

Link: King Cash Saver Ad


Ground Beef In 10 lb roll $1.79/lb

Bone-In Sirloin Roast $.99/lb

Bagged Leg Quarters $.39/lb

Bar S JUmbo Hot dogs $.69

Red or Green Grapes $.98/lb

Red Bell Peppers 3/$1.00

Kraft Mac n Cheese $.79

Best Choice dozen Large eggs $.58

Coke 2 liters $.88

Angel Soft 4 rolls $.79

Hefty foam plates or bowls $1.19

Minute rice $1.29

Hiland Stick Butter $2.49

Pepsi 24 pk cans $5.99

Coke 12 pk cans $2.79

Red Delicious Apples $.79/lb


Cash Saver (must add 10% to sale prices):

Link: Cash Saver Ad


Beef Shoulder Roast $2.48/lb

Ground Chuck 10 lb rolls $2.18/lb

Boneless pork sirloin chops family pack $1.38/lb

Picnic Hams $.78/lb

Split Chicken Breasts $.86/lb

Ball Park Franks $1.48

Hiland Stick Butter $1.96

Pepsi 2 liters $.86

Blackberries $1.58

Russet potatoes 10 lb $1.98



Link: Aldi Ad


Cantaloupe $.99

Green Beans 16 oz $.99

Multi Colored peppers 3 ct $1.49

Lady Pink Apples 3 lb $1.99

Organic Baby Carrots 16 oz $1.69

Organic Grape Tomatoes $2.49



Also be sure to check for any printable coupons you may be able to use with the sale prices to make your cost even lower! You can find printable coupons HERE. Don’t forget to leave me a comment on Facebook letting me know what you are getting this week! As always if you come across a great deal let me know so I can add it to the list! I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading and sharing! See you all next week!

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