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I know there are tons of Apps for saving money. Today I am talking just about Ibotta.  When I started this ” Saving Money Journey” there wasn’t anyone there to show me how all this works. I had to figure it out. Since then I have had many people ask me how to use some of these Apps. It can be hard to understand if you have never used one. My goal here is to show some of you how easy it is to earn money back or to save money by simply downloading and using mobile saving Apps.

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Step 1: Go HERE and create an account. Then it should ask you to download the App. If it does not, you will simply do into your app store and search Ibotta and download then  login.

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Step 2: Browse the Categories then the store you would like and the rebates. Find items you buy normally. ( I do not want you to buy items just to earn money) Once you find one you may buy hit “Unlock” you can “unlock as many rebates as you want. Some rebates may have you answer a survery question or watch a quick video to unlock.(this takes seconds)
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Step 3: You are ready to earn your cash back. After you have bought any items you have unlocked you can go into your App and click the green circle at the bottom middle of the page. It says “Verify Purchases”. Select the store you shopped at. Then click the item you bought. The App will then ask you to scan the bar code off the item you bought. Then it will take you back to the list of your unlocked rebates to see if you bought more than one. If you do have multiple items you bought one  receipt simply repeat the  process.

Step 4: Now that you have scanned all the bar codes from the items you purchased click the bottom green circle again that says “Submit receipt”. This is where it will ask you to Take a picture of your receipt. ” There will be instructions on how. You take a picture of you whole receipt making sure you can clearly see the prices and items as well as the store name and date. (you may have to click add a section and take more than one picture if you have a long receipt). Then hit Finish!

( Side note: Wal-Mart receipts are easier to do because all you do is hover your camera over the square box at the bottom of your receipt and it captures the whole thing! No taking pictures)

You’re done! Easy. Once you do this the first time it becomes so easy. There is no reason to not get money back on items you already buy. Especially items like bread and milk, which Ibotta does feature a lot of “any brand” items. So you can get store brand if you want and see earn cash back. Once you have $20.00 in your account you can cash out and there are a list of ways to get your money back. (including sending it directly to your checking account)

” What is your Favorite rebates on Ibotta? Also leave me a comment and let me know if you started using Ibotta”

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