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Six Easy Ways To Save Without Clipping Coupons


I have people tell me almost every day, “I don’t have time to coupon”, “how do you do it?” or “it seems too hard for me”. I get a lot of “I can never find any coupons I will use’ or “that is way too much work to only save a few dollars.” Well I am here to tell you it is not easy. It does take time. However, there are a ton of ways you can save on your grocery bill without ever cutting one coupon!  I have been couponing for over 5 years now and over time I have learned so many more ways to save money. So if you are thinking “Couponing isn’t for me” that is okay, it isn’t for everyone but, that does not mean you can’t save hundreds on your grocery bill every single month. I have made a list of the easiest ways to save without ever cutting a coupon.


1: Pricematcherz.com

Most Wal-Marts still price match, which means you can buy an item at Wal-Mart and simply tell the cashier that item is on sale at a different store in your area for $xxx. They will gladly change the price for Pricematcherz is a site that does all your hard work for you. Simply pick your state and city and a list will appear with all the grocery stores in your area and the best sale items for each store that week. Simple. Price matching alone has saved my family thousands of dollars every year. It is so easy. If you do nothing else to save money at least do this.


2: Mobile savings Apps:

I cannot tell you how many apps there are now that will save you so much money on things you already buy. Most are as simple as, taking a picture of your receipt. It cannot get easier than that. After your receipt is submitted you will get money added to your account. Most will let you cash out once you have $20.00. You can have that money sent right to your bank account, PayPal, Wal-Mart gift cards, even gift cards to Sephora and Amazon! Some of these apps even have rebates for “any brand” items, like bread, milk and so on. (you were already going to buy it, get some money back for it)

Some of my favorite Savings apps are:




There are so many to choose from and it is super easy to use them all. So download the apps and start saving.

3: Wal-Marts SavingsCatcher and Targets Cartwheel

Speaking of apps, did you know Wal-Mart and Target both have money saving apps? YES! Wal-Marts app is called SavingsCatcher. It is the easiest app to use ever! You simply scan that square barcode box at the bottom of your Wal-Mart receipt and it will automatically load and save the whole receipt to your account. It will then take a day or two to see if it can match any of the items you bought with your local areas stores. If you bought an item that is advertised for less at a different store SavingCatcher will add the difference to your account. You can cash this in at any time no matter your balance for a Wal-Mart gift card! How easy is that? Not only that but, how many times have you needed to return something but couldn’t find your receipt? Not anymore. This app keeps all your receipts stored for you. So all you have to do is pull up that receipt in your account and hand it to your cashier. LOVE IT!

Target is a little different. Target has an app called Cartwheel. They offer percent off coupons for items. I find a ton of 50% off Cartwheel offers. It is super easy to use. You download the app, add the offers you want, and when you check out have your account on your phone. There is a barcode the cashier will simply scan and you will see that percent come off of the items you buy. I love this app around Christmas time. Target offers a new Cartwheel for 50% off of a different toy every day! How awesome is that? You can even save on Christmas toys! The great part of Cartwheel is you can use it and a manufacture coupon both on the same item. Double SCORE!


4: Meal planning:

I cannot express how important this is when it comes to saving on your grocery bill. I am guilty of occasionally slipping up on this, but it is vital! When you plan your meals you can then make a list of only the items you need for those meals each week. Which makes it a whole lot easier to not buy random things in the grocery store. It also cuts down on the number or times you have to stop at the store because you forgot something you need that night for dinner (I will admit this still happens to me) Seriously, ask yourself, “how many times do I stop at the store each week?” and then ask yourself “how often do I only buy what I absolutely HAVE to have?” Guilty. If you’re are anything like me, it is tough just buying the 2 things on my list. I walk by an isle and see something else I “Need”.  That’s what these stores want. Why do you think they put the things we need most like milk, eggs, butter and so on, in the back of the store? It is so you have to pass all the isles to get to those products and chances are one of the end caps will have an item that stands out to you and before you know it, your cart if full. They WIN! Stop letting these stores defeat you. Start meal planning and sticking to your list. Don’t even look in those Oreos direction!

5: Make your meal plan around what is on sale that week.

Again you can use Pricematcherz and write down the things your family will need and the prices. Use what is on sale to plan your meals. It really does not take much time. Fifteen minutes to save you 50%? (sounds better than Geico doesn’t it?) Hit up Pinterest if you need ideas of meals you can make with what is on sale. I promise this will save you so much money that you will never go back.


6: Stock up when Item you use are at rock bottom prices.

What I mean is, if you find your kids favorite cereal on sale for less than half of what it normally cost you, buy three or four boxes. This way you have enough to last you until that item goes on sale for that price again. (usually every three to six months for most products). Another great example is MEAT. In my area the best price for Ground Beef is around $1.99 or less per pound. When I see it on sale I will grab ten pounds and freeze them so I don’t get stuck paying over $3 per pound when I run out. Almost all products go on sale in between every three to six months. TIP: figure out what regular price is for those items your family uses the most and pay attention to when you see those products on sale for 50% or less than regular price. That’s when you know it is time to stock up.


I really hope you all enjoyed these tips on how to save money. See you do not need to sit and “clip coupons for hours” to save money. There really isn’t anything to it. Less than an hour a week could be saving you BIG BIG BUCKS!

  Let me know what your favorite ways to save are! Until next time.

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