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Guide To Shopping After Holiday Clearance



Who doesn’t love shopping clearance right? You can  find some amazing deals on clearance every day but after each Holiday is the BEST time to shop clearance. As we getting closer to fall everyone will be thinking about buying Halloween costumes, candy and decorations, what you should also think about is shopping those after Holiday clearance shelves. I have made a guide of items to look for on clearance after major Holidays.

Halloween : The day after Halloween most stores will mark their costumes, candy, decorations and other Halloween items down. I know Wal-Mart for example: Marks everything down to 50% off! That is amazing prices. Go head and grab your kids costumes for next year. Also while you’re at it, go ahead and grab a few of those bags of candy that are 50% off. You can always keep candy for school parties, treats at home, Birthday party gift bags and so much more. So why not only pay half off right? Even better if you have a coupon!

Thanksgiving: Black Friday shopping!! I love to go shopping on Black Friday. You can get such get prices on gifts for the Holidays. I hope to be able to list some of the best Black Friday deals this year as the ads become available.

Christmas: My FAVORITE time to shop clearance. The options are endless! The day after Christmas many places put everything related to the Holidays on clearance 50%. Get up early folks you’re not going to want to miss out! Wrapping paper for next year (why pay full price? you already know you will be wrapping something next year). Tissue paper, bows, name tags, boxes, tap, Christmas light, Christmas tress, gift sets, perfume or cologne, bags, candy, makeup bag sets , toys and so much more! This is a GREAT time to get a head start for next year.

Valentine’s Day: 50% the day after. Stock up on any decor, bags, candy, stuffed animals, those heart-shaped candy boxes, even flowers for a loved one!

Easter: Once again, 50% the day after. Look for Baskets (for next year or even craft projects) Candy, stuffed animals, plastic baggies with Easter theme, treat bags (great to have for next years spring party at school) small Easter crafts for kids, even select toys.

Those are the main Holidays that are great for stocking up for day after clearance. Keep in mind not all store (uhum.. Target) start at 50% the next day but, most do. Also look for Holiday treat bags, zipper baggies, freezer bags, paper cups and napkins, storage containers and anything else that has a Holiday theme on it. I hope you get a lot of great deals this year. By shopping clearance you can be saving your family HUNDREDS of dollars every year on things that you will be buying already, so go head and get them cheaper. No need to waste your money later.


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”  What is your favorite thing to get on clearance after a holiday ? Leave me a                            comment below and share your favorites”

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