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Reasons To Switch Phone Service

Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service

Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service


We switched phone service over two years ago now and I couldn’t be happier! There are several reasons why we switched phone service.  I want to share the benefits with you of shopping around for cell phone service. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get good quality cell phone service. Here are some of the reasons we decided to switch to a pre-paid service.

  • Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service:


Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service

Reason 1: Price

The price we were paying for my husband, my teenage daughter and myself to all have cell phones through a big company was ridiculous. These companies have added in a monthly charge for your phone. So add $20 per month per line to your bill. Plus they now add a fee for having a smart phone. So add another $10 per month per line. Since we switched we only pay $45 a month per line! We are Saving over $150 a month . That is $1,800 a year!

Reasons Why We Switched Phone Service

Reason 2: Contracts

This is how they lock you in. Now that you have signed this contract you have agreed to pay these outrageous prices for 2 years! If you don’t? Well, then you will face disconnect fees for each line and be forced to pay the price of each phone.  So you’re stuck! You have to continue to pay every month until your contract ends. When your contract is up the company will offer you a deal to sign a new contract. Nope, do not fall for it!


Reason 3: Data, Talk and Text

Now a lot of companies do not get UNLIMITED data. You  have to share between each line you have. Most companies give up to 10 GB to share. Then you add in the overage charges if you go over! No. Not for me. That would be over $300 a month! Straight Talk is $45 a month. Unlimited EVERYTHING! No overages, No monthly phone fees, No contracts and No Smart phone fees!


Reason 4: Convenience

Wal-Mart is everywhere! Simply pick up your phone card next time you need milk. It is that easy! You can also choose from several phones there. Guess what? They are cheaper than those Big companies too! Many places offers several different no contract services. It is worth checking into.


Reasons We Switched Phone Service


Reason 5: Their phones

I do not need an expensive phone. Smart phone, yes. I bought my LG last “Black Friday” for only $24 ! You can’t beat that! It does everything I need it to do. I can use apps, internet, text and call. I can take pictures and videos. You name it! There is NO need in speeding $500+ for a phone!

There are several pre-paid cell phone companies out there with no contracts that are much cheaper than these other major companies. You don’t have to use Straight Talk but you should be shopping around. Even if you decide to stick with one of the Major cell companies, make sure you are getting the BEST deal you can. You will be surprised at how much you can save by simply shopping around for a better monthly deal.

There are many other ways to cut spending to save Big Bucks! Check out my post Why We Ditched Cable Television and many more posts to come!


How much are you paying for Phone service?


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