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My Love/Hate Relationship With Target



My Love/Hate Relationship With Target

My Love/Hate Relationship With Target

I love Target, I do. Sometimes we don’t always get along. I figure that comes with all relationships right? We have good weeks, we have bad weeks. This is why I say ” My Love/Hate Relationship With Target.

This week just happened to be one of our best yet! It’s weeks like this that give me new hope for shopping at Target. I ended up with a ton of food for our family. “Oh, and by food I mean frozen processed corn dogs and Tyson chicken products. My kids loves this products! What kid doesn’t?”

Anyways, I did spend out of pocket around forty-five dollars, but we have over two-hundred dollars worth of food. So I am pretty happy with everything I got.

Where The “Hate” Part Comes In

Now, I will say I am not always this happy with Target. Actually I find myself more up set with Target than happy if I’m being honest. See, where I live there is only ONE target anywhere near me. ONE! So I have to drive about twenty minutes to get there. No big deal. Unless you are me.

I tend to make a list of all the “Great Deals” and when I get there, NOTHING. They are out of stock on every single item I came for. So I also tend to leave empty handed and upset with the amount of gas I wasted to get there, only to be let down.


We Can Work On It

Myself would love Target more if there were more than one within a hundred mile radios from me. I might have a better shot and getting some of the great deals every week. Also I do wish the Target we had would have more training  for cashiers on coupons and their policies. Do not get me wrong, there are a few guys who work at my store that are GREAT! I just have to try my hardest to get into their line every time I go.

There are so many things about Target I love. I like their “gift card” deals they do each week, their cartwheel app, and I love their clearance. I’m sure that there are several people with love/hate relationships with the stores in their area.

  Which store do you have a Love/Hate relationship with?


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