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Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget


Kids Birthday Parties On a budget

So I have three kids and it just so happens that all their birthdays are around Christmas! My oldest boy will be 6 on November 26th,  my youngest boy will be 4 on December 20th, and my daughter will be 15 on December 24th! This means we are throwing Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget every year.

The Holiday’s are a busy, hectic and crazy time for our family. As you can imagine, finances get tight this time of year. So I have to be creative with their Birthday parties. This can be tricky. Parties aren’t cheap.

There are so many places you can have a kids party. The problem, the cost! I find it hard come up with a place to host a party that I can afford. So I have come up with a list of a few places you might consider.

Places to Host a Kids Birthday Parties


Yes this can get expensive Quick! Don’t pay for them to host. You can bring in a cake, plates, forks, and buy drinks and tokens for each guest. Go in the middle of the day and you do not need to feed guests. This is save you tons! When you do things this way all you pay for is; Cake, plates, forks, tokens and drinks. Go online and look at the difference that makes. I promise your child and their guests will have just as much fun without the host!


Fire Station:kids birthday parties on a budget

Now, I don’t know about all cities but where I live you can have a party at the fire department for FREE or a donation! How awesome would that be for your kids! They will even let them try on hats, show them around and let them all get in the truck! As long as there is no fire to attend to of course. Again bring a cake, plates, forks and drinks. The kids will have a blast!


Bowling:kids birthday parties on a budget

This is one of the less expensive places to host a party. Talk to your local bowling alley’s about discounts for multiple guests. Again bring in a cake, plates, forks and buy drinks. Let the kids bowl for 1 hour and eat cake. The kids will have a blast!


Party At Home:kids birthday parties on a budget

You do not need to go all out! Buy some balloons, cake, plates, forks and a cheap Birthday Banner. Play some simple games like musical chairs, hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey or something else easy and cheap. The kids will have a blast just being together. If it is nice outside have this party in your own back yard!


Parks:kids birthday parties on a budget

If you children have Birthday’s during warm seasons, this is a great option! Very cheap if not free! Set up at a pick nick table. Bring the cake, drinks, forks and let the kids play. What kids doesn’t LOVE to go to the park?


There are several places in each area that are free or cheap to host a Birthday party. Look around. You don’t need to pay expensive prices for hosting. You can even ask some of the jumping houses if you could bring in a cake and just pay for the jumpers without a room. Be open-minded. Kids will have fun no matter what!

There are also tons of ways to save on decorations, cakes, and favors. Again, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to throw this stuff away afterwards. My family even reused our decorations from my oldest boys birthday to my youngest. (my youngest wanted a Mario party too) You would be surprised how little the kids care if you buy all new stuff. Look again.

Cheap Party Ideas:


I made several decorations and goody bags myself. We served a few snacks at our party so I printed a few things off the computer to go with the theme and takes them on the snacks. You can even make your own cake or cup cakes to save even more money. Kids loved it. You can make just about anything. Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends!

Dollar Tree:

Everything is a dollar. Get you colored plates, table cloths, balloons, napkins, cutlery, banners, streamers, party hats and so much more for only a dollar each! If you are doing goody bags, you can get the fillers here too!


I have noticed Wal-Mart also has a big selection of Party decorations for only a dollar each. The color selection is pretty awesome. Plates, napkins, cups, banners, table cloths and so much more. You do not need to get all your supplies in the theme your child is having.

Skip it:

Not everything is necessary. Do Not feel bad if you don’t have goody bags. After all, this isn’t the guests birthday. You do not have to feed everyone a meal. No need to buy 5 pizza’s or cook on the grill. You do not have to have a bunch of snacks either. Cake and ice cream will be more than great for the kids! There is also no need for the extra theme decorations. Skip them. Kids do not care! Skip prizes for games. Kids love just being the winner. Think about if you “HAVE” to buy it. If not, don’t.

Throwing kids Birthday Parties on a Budget can still be a blast! Remember that kids do not care about money, they care about playing with friends and cake! That is really about it! I encourage you to spend less on parties. Let the kids have fun. Don’t stress so much. I know it’s hard but let go a little. Have fun with them!


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Keep an eye out for more posts about our birthday parties this year. I have three to go in the next two months! There will be money-saving involved and you may get some great ideas for your little ones next birthday party!




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