It’s Alright To Not Be Perfect

So What If You Aren’t Perfect?

Every single mom and wife has felt like she is failing at some point, and that’s okay. We all want to be that one who “has it all together”. Hell, who doesn’t? The truth is “that girl” is struggling too. Not everyone can keep their house clean everyday or their makeup and outfit “on point”. It’s Alright To Not Be Perfect.

Every single one of us have things we would like to get better at. That’s life. The problem isn’t our flaws. The real problem is we care too much about what others have to say or what they may think. Our lives shouldn’t be based on what others think; how we raise our kids or keep our house, whether we stay at home with our kids or go to work. That is not up to anyone else. We get to decide what is best for our family. No one else.

So if you’re struggling right now trying to do it all. It’s okay, we all are. What matters is that we give it all we’ve got and love with all we have. Don’t let others determine your happiness or make you feel like you aren’t doing a great job, because you are!

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