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Beginners Guide To Shopping At CVS



Okay so I won’t lie, CVS is my FAVORITE place to shop! I love my store, I love my manager, and most of all I love the amount of money I save there. There are a few things to you to know before shopping at CVS. The employees make it super easy to use coupons and really go out of their way to help you. CVS is by far the most coupon friendly store I have been to yet. I promise once you get started you will forever be a CVS shopper! So a few things you need to know:

1: CVS Extra Care Card

This card is free to sign up for. Once you have your card you will be able to take advantage of the sale prices each week.

2: Extra Care Bucks

Also known as ECB. This is money you earn for buying certain items in the ad each week. So for example: “Spend $15 on Maybelline get $5 Extra Care Bucks” you will buy the items needed and at the end of your receipt will  be printed $5 ECB’s. You can use that money on your next purchase. This is the best part about shopping at CVS. Once you start you can roll your ECBs into other transactions and pretty soon you will be spending very little out-of-pocket!

3: The Red Coupon Machine

This is a big red machine inside CVS. You can take your Extra Care Card to it, scan and it will print you CVS coupons. You can combine these coupons with Manufacture to further lower your out-of-pocket expense. You can usually scan your card and get coupons twice each time you go. So be sure to scan it again so you don’t miss out.

4: Your Receipt

Always check the bottom of your receipt for coupons too. Sometime you will see a few coupons there. I just recently got a $10 off $60 or more to use next time I shop! That $60 is before I use coupons so that really helps lower your cost.

5: Sale Ads

A new sale ad starts every Sunday. Be sure to get the ad and see what items are giving ECBs. This is the best way to shop at CVS.

I think these five things will get you started at CVS. I know I love shopping there and  I can not wait for Sundays! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

 What is your favorite place to shop?

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