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How I started couponing 

Hi! My name is Tessa. I am a stay at home mom of three and a very proud wife to one amazing man! About five years ago now I happened upon the famous T.V. show “Extreme couponing” and loved it. I was so fascinated with how much money these people were saving. I just knew I needed to jump right in.

   Let me tell ya, Couponing is not at all like what the show makes it out to be. It was tough to get into the swing of it all. I had never used many coupons before so it took time to understand all the rules and fine prints. Different stores have different policies and no, you can not use 24 of the same coupon in one transaction like they show on T.V. They made it seem like there were no rules. There are many many rules to using coupons. 

I did it though and I’m glad I did. No I am not able to get 86 bottles of laundry detergent free at one store in one transaction, but I am saving our family thousands and thousands of dollars every year. That alone makes it worth if for me. It can be hard to get started but once you do it is so worth every minute to it takes. 

 Raising three kids on one income is tough. We were struggling bad. I needed to do something to cut down our exspenses. Anything I could do to save is money needed to happen and fast! Even though the show is not at all reality, it help inspire me to try and save as much as possible. 

 Five years later, I still use coupons and I have learned many more money and time saving tips that I am so excited to get to share with all of you.

Let me know what inspired you to start finding ways to save. Until next time.

Happy Spending 


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