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Five Things I Always Stock Up ON

I am not always the extreme couponer. Actually I slack a lot when it comes to coupons. Truthfully I have gotten to where the majority of the coupons I use are for the things my family uses the most. So when there is sale combined with a coupon I like to stock up. There are five things I always stock up on.

Five Things I Always Stock Up On

Five Things I Always Stock Up On


Toilet Paper

There is one thing I simply Can not stand spending money on and it is toilet paper! There have been a few times I have run out and actually had to buy it at full cost. You would laugh at how mad I get when this happens. I hate paying full price for anything but for some reason toilet paper bothers be most! Maybe because is goes on sale so often that I should never have to.

Paper Towels

I also hate paying more than $.50 per roll of paper towels. Granted paper towels aren’t always necessary I personally like having them with three kids to clean up after. I love to have a stock of paper towels so I do not have to pay $1 per roll.


Tooth Paste

This one is easy. Just about every other week toothpaste goes on sale and with a coupon becomes FREE. I find it hard to pay anything at all for it. Since I started couponing I have not had to PAY for toothpaste at all. We have enough FREE that I won’t need to. If we were to get low I would start looking for it to be on sale and stock back up while it is free.

Tide Laundry Detergent

My absolute product to stock up on! Tide is expensive. There are a ton of cheaper options but, my kids all have or had eczema so other detergents break them out worse. I am  lucky to be able to stock up on Tide when it is $2 or less a bottle. Buy it on sale, stock up ,Rinse and repeat. In turn this saves us hundreds and hundreds on laundry detergent. With a family of five you have to always have laundry detergent.

Shampoo and Conditioner

It is unbelievable how much shampoo and conditioner we have. This is another item you can get free or close with coupons and a sale. I stock up when this happens. I do not like paying over $4 for a bottle of shampoo.

Just imagine with these five things alone how much I save a year. Thousands! By just stocking up on these five things your family not only saves more money but it saves so much time. I no longer have to run out and buy something I ran out of. I know ahead of time when we are getting low. That is when I start planning and looking for another sale.

Which items do you stock up on?


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