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Five Ways To Start Saving


I have learned the hard way on many things. Life is just a Big bag of trial and error. I remember times when I first started trying to meal plan, and I thought “I will just cook cheaper meals”. That is helpful and all but it is not the only thing that you should be doing. I have made a list of a few things that will make your life so much easier and your wallet a whole lot happier. Of course these aren’t the only ways to save money but hey, it’s a start right?

1: Look through your local grocery store ads and find out what is on sale. Most grocery stores will have a new sales ad every Wednesday. Other stores like CVS, Walgreens and Target all start on each Sunday. This helps to when you are planning meals because if you have some items you do not need until the new ad comes out you can wait to buy them until the following sales ad comes out and it may just be on sale! (There is nothing I hate more than to buy something and the next week find it on sale for less!)

2: Don’t be Brand loyal. What I mean is, I know plenty of people who will only buy certain brands. This could be anything from canned veggies to laundry soap. You will save a TON more money if you are not too picky on the brand. You can still get great quality items without paying those prices. Different brands of items go on sale all the time.

3: If you see an item that that your family uses on sale for 50% or less than regular price, buy more than one of that item. I like to buy several so I have enough to last our family until that item goes on sale again. (every three to six months for most items)

4: Plan your meals around what is on sale that week. Believe it or not it IS possible and I cannot tell you how much money this has saved our family.

5: STAY AWAY FROM PRE-PACKAGES ITEMS!!! Like those bags of single serve chips. Sure it’s convenient, but its costing you WAY too much. Get baggies, a bag of chips and make your own. Anything that is made in individual packages like this you are paying for the convenience, when it really only takes less than 5 minutes to do yourself. These companies are making bank off of lazy people.

There you have it. Five of the most important ways to start your way into becoming a Happy Spender. I will have more great ways to save coming soon.

Thanks for reading. I hope I helped you get started and gave you some great ideas. Until next time!

    What are some of the ways you first started your saving journey?


Happy Spending!

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