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Why We Ditched Cable Television



why we ditched cable

Why We Ditched Cable T.V.

My family has had cable t.v. for as long as I can remember and I thought it was great. Especially after I had my two boys. I myself do not watch much t.v. at all. I would prefer music over television any day. My husband and kids however, love to watch all types of shows and movies. For them it was something they really enjoyed having. Disney Jr, Nick Jr, PBS and all the other cartoon channels were what the kids loved. Syfy, ESPN AND FOX were my Husbands favorites.. My teenage daughter had a few favorites including Freeform (ABC Family).

The Problem Was The Cost!

When  we first set up service for cable t.v. and internet the price was great for both. We had it for years. We were supposed to have a contract with the price locked in for 5 years with unlimited wireless internet and a premium cable plan. Six months into this contract they limited us to a very small amount of internet usage causing us to have a $20 or more overage fee each month. I called almost every month for a year and kept upping our internet. We were paying over $160 a month!

Over the years I began to realize that most everything my husband and I watched was recorded. (with three kids and his crazy work schedule we simply can’t watch t.v. during the regular scheduled times) My daughter also would recorded her shows as well. The boys starting finding the shows they love on YouTube or Netflix. I also found that all of us watched Netflix more than anything on television. Why pay for something you do not HAVE to have? That was money down the drain! I finally had enough.


I called to cancel and of course they just tried to sell me more services at a lower cost. The cost still wasn’t saving us much money. I thought about it and told myself “No you could be saving $90 a month. That’s why you called”. So I stuck with it! I still think it is utterly ridiculous how much internet costs if you do not have ALL three services through that company, but in the end I am still saving $90 a month.



How It Helped Our Family:

Being a one income family of five, $90 can mean so much! It can mean another week or more of food, it could mean your cell phone costs for the month. ( my husband and I both go through straight talk and love it $45/mo unlimited everything! I will do a post on why we went that route another time). Almost $100 a month! Think about what that could mean for your family! Trust me, I was iffy but it is SO worth it!


Ways We still Watch Our Favorite Shows:

We still have to have internet for many reason. Homework,  my work, Netflix and any other form of shows or movies we want to watch. Did you know you can watch just about everything online or through Netflix? You can also get a Free 30-day trial On Netflix.

There are a Ton of options for watching shows and movies. Hulu for example, watch all your t.v shows and more. Usually the day after the show has aired Hulu will have it available to watch. Right now you can get a Free Trial with Hulu. Also if you are an Amazon Prime member not only do you get free 2 day shipping but you get free shows and movies as well as other great benefits with your subscription. You can also get a Free 30- Day Amazon Prime Trial.

 ( Note: I am not getting paid to advertise these companies. I just truly love them) You can get all three of these services and still be paying 1/3 of the cost of cable or satellite television.

Keep in mind that all your local broadcast channels are free! There is no need to pay cable or satellite services if you can watch all the same things for nearly nothing in comparison.  

This is just one way our family has cut back to save more money. I will be sharing more with you in the very near future.  If you are new and want to start saving check out Five Simple Ways To Start Saving.

For now, Tell me, is it time for you to “Ditch Cable Television”? Let me know what else you have cut out or back on to save money!

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