Coupon preview for 9/25/16

This should give us an idea of the coupons we may get. Each region is different so we may or may not see each coupon listed. I think this week is going to be a great week to get a few extra papers so we can get some great deals. Included this week is the P&G. We only get this once a month so you will want to make sure and grab a few.


The link below is not my link . I did not write the list of upcoming coupons . I am just sharing it with you.

Coupon Preview HERE

Be sure and let me know which coupons you are looking forward to see on Sunday. I am excited about Tide. This is one of the few laundry soaps my family can use. With Tide being so expensive I have to wait for coupons and sales to match them with so I can stock up.

Love you all and I will be posting again soon!

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