Step by Step Guide To Ibotta




I know there are tons of Apps for saving money. Today I am talking just about Ibotta.  When I started this ” Saving Money Journey” there wasn’t anyone there to show me how all this works. I had to figure it out. Since then I have had many people ask me how to use some of these Apps. It can be hard to understand if you have never used one. My goal here is to show some of you how easy it is to earn money back or to save money by simply downloading and using mobile saving Apps.

Sign up Here

Step 1: Go HERE and create an account. Then it should ask you to download the App. If it does not, you will simply do into your app store and search Ibotta and download then  login.

BONUS: New users Get a  FREE $10 credit when you claim your first rebate! FREE $$$$ 

Step 2: Browse the Categories then the store you would like and the rebates. Find items you buy normally. ( I do not want you to buy items just to earn money) Once you find one you may buy hit “Unlock” you can “unlock as many rebates as you want. Some rebates may have you answer a survery question or watch a quick video to unlock.(this takes seconds)
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Step 3: You are ready to earn your cash back. After you have bought any items you have unlocked you can go into your App and click the green circle at the bottom middle of the page. It says “Verify Purchases”. Select the store you shopped at. Then click the item you bought. The App will then ask you to scan the bar code off the item you bought. Then it will take you back to the list of your unlocked rebates to see if you bought more than one. If you do have multiple items you bought one  receipt simply repeat the  process.

Step 4: Now that you have scanned all the bar codes from the items you purchased click the bottom green circle again that says “Submit receipt”. This is where it will ask you to Take a picture of your receipt. ” There will be instructions on how. You take a picture of you whole receipt making sure you can clearly see the prices and items as well as the store name and date. (you may have to click add a section and take more than one picture if you have a long receipt). Then hit Finish!

( Side note: Wal-Mart receipts are easier to do because all you do is hover your camera over the square box at the bottom of your receipt and it captures the whole thing! No taking pictures)

You’re done! Easy. Once you do this the first time it becomes so easy. There is no reason to not get money back on items you already buy. Especially items like bread and milk, which Ibotta does feature a lot of “any brand” items. So you can get store brand if you want and see earn cash back. Once you have $20.00 in your account you can cash out and there are a list of ways to get your money back. (including sending it directly to your checking account)

” What is your Favorite rebates on Ibotta? Also leave me a comment and let me know if you started using Ibotta”

Best Deals At CVS 10/2/16-10/8/16

I have looked over the CVS deals for the week and I have put together what I feel to be the BEST deals. This week for me wasn’t a BIG week. There are still some great deals,  just not as many as we have been seeing.  Below is the list of deals I think would be worth the trip this week.

  • Maybelline is Buy 2 Get $5 ecb
    Buy 2 Maybelline Expert Wear Twin pk Brow or Eye pencil @ $3.99 = $7.98
    use 2 $1/1 Maybelline Printable HERE
  • Revlon Cosmetics are Spend $12 Get $3 ecb
    Buy 4 Revlon Shadow links @ $3.9 =$15.96
    Use 4 $3/1 Revlon eye, face or lip 10/2 SS
    Pay $1.56 Get $3 ecb = Free plus Money Maker
  • Wet N Wild Cosmetics are Spend $10 Get $5 ecb
    Buy 10 Wet N Wild priced @ $.99 ea =$9.90 (will trigger ecb)
    Use $1.50/3 Wet N Wild CVS machine coupon
    Pay $8.40 Get $5 ecb = $.34 ea
  • Right Guard Deodorant 2/$6 Buy 2 Get $2 ecb
    Use 1 B1G1 Right Guard Printable HERE
    ay $3 Get $2 ecb =$1 each
  • Dr Pepper or Pepsi 2 liters $.99
    Use $.25/1 CVS machine
    Pay $.74 each
  • Dawn Dish Liquid $.99
    Use $.25/1 Dawn CVS APP ONLY coupon (send to card)
    Use $.25/1 Dawn 9/25/16 P&G
    Pay $.49
  • Garnier Fructis Hair Care (select products) 2/$6 Buy 2 Get $2 ecb
    Use $1/1 Garnier Fructis 10/2/16 RP
    Pay $4 Get $2 ecb = $1 eaBai Drinks 11.5-24.4 oz 2/$4 Spend $4 Get $4 ecb = 2 FREE
  • Colgate Mouthwash 500ml Buy 1 Get $2 ecb (limit 6)
    Buy 6 Colgate Mouthwash @ $3.99 =$23.94
    Use 1 $2/6 Mouthwash CVS machine coupon
    Use 6 $2/1 Colgate Mouthwash 9/11/16 SS
    Pay $9.94 Get $12 ecb = FREE plus Money Maker

That is about all I seen so far. I will be going later to see what I can get. If I find more GREAT deals I will update and share with you all.

“If you Find a GREAT deal that I missed, Comment below and Share with us!”
” What are you getting this week at CVS?”

The Best Grocery Deals 9/28/16-10/4/16

I will say it again: These are just the items I found in my area (southwest Missouri) that I felt were a better offers than paying full-price. Every family is different and cooks and eats differently.  So keep that in mind if you do not see much of the things your family buys regularly. Please feel free to comment and let me know things you would be interested in seeing in the future. I will do my best to find the best deals for everyone. My whole goal is to give you the tools you need to save as much as you can. This allows you to get so much MORE 4 LESS. I also want to mention that if you see a good sale item that I missed please let me know and I will try to add it to the list. So here it is The Best Grocery Deals from 9/28/16 through 10/4/16:

  • Murfins:
    Bone-In Port Butt Roast $1.49/lb
    Seedless Grapes (red and green) $1.69/lb
    Kraft Dressing 3/$5
    Best Choice LG eggs (dozen) $.78
    Prego Pasta Sauce 2/$3 ($1/2 in 9/11/SS
    Quilted Northern Toilet Paper $2.99 ($.25/1 in 9/11/RP (will double)
    Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 2/$1
    Jiffy Cake Mix $.69
    Jiffy Frosting Mix $.69
    Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix $.69
    Jiffy Blue Berry Muffin Mix $.69
    Jiffy Pie Crust mix $.69
    General Mills Cereal (select varieties) $1.99 (Printable HERE
    Farmland Bacon $2.99 ($1/2 in 9/11/RP
    Jonathan or Red Delicious Apples 3 lb bags 2/$4
    Large Green Peppers 2/$1

    Buy 8 Save $8 on Kraft (much buy 8 to get the prices listed below)
    Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz bars $1.69 8 oz spread $1.49 (wyb 8)
    Kraft 8 oz Parmesan Cheese $$2.49 (wyb 8) ( $1/1 printable HERE)
    Kraft shredded 5-8 oz or Cubes 16 oz $1.69 ($2/2 16 OZ will work for cubes printable HERE)
    Kraft slices 12 oz $1.99

    Dole Salad or Coleslaw 10/ $10
    Green Giant 2 lb Carrots 10/$1o
    Fresh Crisp Sleeved Celery 10/$10
    Collard, Mustard or Turnip Greens 10/$10
    Mangos 10/$10
    Red Bell Peppers 10/$10
    Fresh Green, Red or Romain Lettuce 10/$10
    Fresh Green Onion 10/$10
    Microwave Sweet potatoes 110/$10

  • Cash Saver (You must add an additional 10% to the sale price)
    Ground Chuck 10 lb rolls $1.98/lb
    Bone-In Split Chicken Breast $.78/lb
    10 lb bag of Russet Potatoes  $1.80 ea
    Coke 2 liters $.88 ea
    3 lb Yellow Onion $.98
    Head Of Lettuce $.78
  • King Cash Saver (You must add 10% to all sale prices)
    Green grapes $1.15/lb
    Libby Green Beans. Sweet Peas or Corn Cans $.47 ($1/4 in 8/28/RP
    Farmland Bacon $2.95 ( $1/2 in 9/11/RP
    Pepsi Products 2 liters $.88
  • Hy-Vee 2 Day Sale Thursday 9/29 and Friday 9/30 only
    Boneless Skinless Chicken breast value pack $1.69/lb
    That’s Smart Sugar 4 lb $1.28 limit 1
    Hy_Vee 18 ct Large eggs $.99  limit 2
    Hy-Vee Ice Cream Squares $1.77
    Kraft Macaroni and Cheese $.77 limit 4
    Fritos and Cheetos 3/$5
    Banquet Meat Pies or Fruit pies 7 oz 4/$2
    Granny Smith Apples 3 lb bag $.88
    Hunts tomato sauce 8 oz 3’/$1
  • Hy-Vee Weekly Sales
    Hy-Vee canned Vegies $.88
    Pepsi 6 pk bottles 5/$10
    Hy-Vee Garden Salad $.69
    Hy-Vee Chicken Leg Quarters $.99/lb
    Tyson Chicken Drumsticks 3/$4
    Port Loin Chops 10/$10 with .10 off per gallon of gas wyb 10
    Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers $.99 limit 1
    Hy-Vee cooking oil 48 oz $1.88 limit 1
    Pillsbury Classic Brownie Mix $.88 limit 1
    Rotel $.68 limit 1
    Vlastic Pickles 16-24 oz $1.49 limit 1
    Jonathan Apples 3 lb bag $.88 limit 1
    Keeble and Famous Amos cookies Buy One Get One FREE
    Hy-Vee white bread $.88
    Hot Pockets 5/$10
    Tombstone Pizza 3/$10
    Hy-Vee Waffles $1.77
    Hy-Vee Sloppy Joes $.78
  • Harter House
    Betty Crocker Cake mix
    General Mills Cereal *(select varieties) Printable HERE
    Ozark Break $.99
    Kraft Salad Dressing $1.50
    Best choice Shredded Cheese 8 oz $2/$3
    Totinos Party Pizza $.99
    Romaine Lettuce $.99
    Green Bell Peppers 2/$1
    Best Choice Sugar 4 lb $1.50
    Best Choice flour 5 lb $1.50
    Betty Crocker Icing $1.50
    Libby Canned Veggies $ .69
    Cabbage $.49
    Green Onion 2/$.89
  •  Aldi
    Ground Chuck ( in 5 lb rolls) $1.78/lb
    Red Grapes $.79 /lb   2 lb package is $1.58
    Gala Apples $.57/lb  3 lb bag is $1.69
    Cantaloupe $.99
    Baking Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.79
    Avocados $.79 ea
    Tomatoes  on the vine 24 oz package $1.29Save-A-Lot
    Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.49 ea
    Family Sized Pork Sirloin Chops $1.49/lb

    I am hope everyone finds this helpful when planning their meals. I know that by planning ahead and getting the best price can save so much money. Again if you find something I missed that you feel is a great price please let me know. Helping you Get MORE 4 LESS.

    ” What are your favorite deals this week? Let me know in the comments!”

Why Couponers Get a Bad Name

I’m sure we have all thought it. I know I have and I am one them! Using coupons is supposed to be a way to help save families some of their money. People take it way too far! There is a reason why some people look at couponers with hate. I get it. I look at some the same way! I coupon. I stock up some things we need and use most often. I do NOT clear shelves. I swear, a lot of the couponers in my area are ruthless! They have no concern or respect for others. I see people buying 42 papers each week to get the coupons out of them! That is overboard right? Who needs 46 cases of water?! These people don’t believe the end of the world is coming, they simply do not want anyone else being able to get these great deals. These people want to be the only ones who get to take advantage of “stock up” prices. These people are the reason “we” couponers look terrible!

Then you have these people who cleared every shelf in every store in town, turn around and SELL their stuff they got almost free on Facebook garage sale sites! Really?! This is the prime reason that the coupon values have plummeted in the last year. The sole reason why stores are cutting down on coupons being used. These people are the reason there have to be so many rules in place now. That doesn’t stop them though. Instead of just getting the four that is allowed, these people will take their stuff to the car and come back to do the same deal again and again. Until they have taken every single last item that was on sale.

I get wanting to get as much as you can while it is on sale. I have thought about clearing shelves just so those selfish people do not do it first. I would donate the items as where those people sell them for profit! I don’t do it because I want others to get the same great deals.. However, this is too much. I do not want to be looked like I am committing a crime every time I hand the cashier a couple of coupons.

For those of you trying to coupon by the rules to save some money,  good job and thank you. Please do not let these greedy people who are cheating the system and breaking the rules discourage you from saving your family money. When I started it was easier to save. There were higher value coupons, but it is still possible to save hundreds each month without breaking any rules. So keep your head up and do not let those type of people keep you from saving your family money. I almost gave up a few years ago but, I am so glad I didn’t! I can proudly say I am saving my family thousands every year without breaking any laws or rules! You can too!

I hope you to see more people using coupons the right way. Let us make a point to do things the right way. Not to cheat the system or to be selfish. Save yourself and your family lots of money, without being a greedy coupon snot!


 I hope we all can save money without becoming “That Couponer” who blew it all for the rest of us!

Beginners Guide To Shopping At CVS



Okay so I won’t lie, CVS is my FAVORITE place to shop! I love my store, I love my manager, and most of all I love the amount of money I save there. There are a few things to you to know before shopping at CVS. The employees make it super easy to use coupons and really go out of their way to help you. CVS is by far the most coupon friendly store I have been to yet. I promise once you get started you will forever be a CVS shopper! So a few things you need to know:

1: CVS Extra Care Card

This card is free to sign up for. Once you have your card you will be able to take advantage of the sale prices each week.

2: Extra Care Bucks

Also known as ECB. This is money you earn for buying certain items in the ad each week. So for example: “Spend $15 on Maybelline get $5 Extra Care Bucks” you will buy the items needed and at the end of your receipt will  be printed $5 ECB’s. You can use that money on your next purchase. This is the best part about shopping at CVS. Once you start you can roll your ECBs into other transactions and pretty soon you will be spending very little out-of-pocket!

3: The Red Coupon Machine

This is a big red machine inside CVS. You can take your Extra Care Card to it, scan and it will print you CVS coupons. You can combine these coupons with Manufacture to further lower your out-of-pocket expense. You can usually scan your card and get coupons twice each time you go. So be sure to scan it again so you don’t miss out.

4: Your Receipt

Always check the bottom of your receipt for coupons too. Sometime you will see a few coupons there. I just recently got a $10 off $60 or more to use next time I shop! That $60 is before I use coupons so that really helps lower your cost.

5: Sale Ads

A new sale ad starts every Sunday. Be sure to get the ad and see what items are giving ECBs. This is the best way to shop at CVS.

I think these five things will get you started at CVS. I know I love shopping there and  I can not wait for Sundays! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

 What is your favorite place to shop?

The Different Types Of Coupons

This post is going to be more for those of you who are just starting to use coupons, or who have thought about it but aren’t sure yet. There are a few types of coupons and many ways to get them. Let me save you some time and Sanity by breaking it down.

1: Manufacture Coupons

These are coupons from manufactures. (Example : $1 off Tide Detergent) Now there will be exclusions on sizes or specific products. These coupons can be used at any store that accepts coupons. The coupon will say “Manufacture Coupon” accross the top.

2: Store Coupons:

This means only that store will accept the coupon. Instead of saying “Manufacture” it will say the name of the store across the top.

3: Printable Coupons:

The best place to start is You can print anything from food to household coupons. These are also “Manufacture Coupons” and most stores will accept them. You will need to install the coupon printer to your computer the first time you print. This allows the barcode to be printer on the coupon so it will scan at the register.

Side note: you can also sometimes print store coupons online as well.

Now I would like to add, the best place to get your coupons every week is the Sunday news paper. Every Sunday there will be coupon inserts in the paper. Except Holidays. These are little paper “books” filled with Manufacture Coupons. Some weeks we may only get one insert or we may get up to five.

I also want to mention the different types of inserts you will find in there Sunday papers.

1: SmartSource

Tons of different coupons for food and many others items. also has printable coupons available.

2: RedPlum

Again food, household and beauty products as well as many other coupons come in RedPlum each week. Again also has coupons to print.

3: P&G (Proctor & Gamble)

As you might know P&G manufactures many many  products including Tide, Pampers, Always, Crest, Gillette, Covergirl and so many other products. This is the best insert to get because it typically has higher value coupons than the other inserts. P&G inserts come once a month. You wanna make sure you buy a few papers that week.

You can always Google search “coupon insert schedule” to find out which coupons to expect each week. Lots of sites will even offer you a preview of which coupons might be included each week. This helps you decide how many papers you want to buy that week. If there is going to be coupons for products you buy regularly you might consider picking up a few papers so you can stock up when those items go on sale.

I hope this helped you understand a little better the different types of coupons you can use. When I first started I didn’t know what any of this meant. It gets easier once you get into it. So jump in, save some money and have fun!

  Feel free If you have questions to ask away! I’m happy to help anyway I can!

You Don’t Have To Get Every Deal

Honestly, we do not need to get every good deal that comes our way. When I first started Couponing I was so excited I couldn’t wait to find a new deal to go after. I had a blast and the amount of money I saved was crazy! When its new its exciting. I loved the thrill of seeing my total drop by sometimes  more than $100. I still love it but, I don’t feel like I need to run out every time I see a good deal now.

Here’s the thing, all deals will come around again. So it isn’t the end of the world as we know it if we don’t rush out to get that awesome price on toothpaste or shampoo. Its alright folks cause those thing go on sale about every week. Lets don’t drive ourselves crazy over missing out on a great price. It will be alright. I promise.

On the other hand, if the deal is on toilet paper, paper towels or my favorite laundry soap then I’m out the door! I love having those three items stocked and nothing makes me more mad than to run out of toilet paper and pay full price! Seriously, anyone who knows me will tell you I can not stand paying for paper products.

At the end of the day, buy what you and your family will use. Don’t worry about missing a deal or two here and there. You’ll get it the next time. Let us all save some time, money and most importantly our SANITY!

What do you hate running out of the most?

Five Ways To Start Saving


I have learned the hard way on many things. Life is just a Big bag of trial and error. I remember times when I first started trying to meal plan, and I thought “I will just cook cheaper meals”. That is helpful and all but it is not the only thing that you should be doing. I have made a list of a few things that will make your life so much easier and your wallet a whole lot happier. Of course these aren’t the only ways to save money but hey, it’s a start right?

1: Look through your local grocery store ads and find out what is on sale. Most grocery stores will have a new sales ad every Wednesday. Other stores like CVS, Walgreens and Target all start on each Sunday. This helps to when you are planning meals because if you have some items you do not need until the new ad comes out you can wait to buy them until the following sales ad comes out and it may just be on sale! (There is nothing I hate more than to buy something and the next week find it on sale for less!)

2: Don’t be Brand loyal. What I mean is, I know plenty of people who will only buy certain brands. This could be anything from canned veggies to laundry soap. You will save a TON more money if you are not too picky on the brand. You can still get great quality items without paying those prices. Different brands of items go on sale all the time.

3: If you see an item that that your family uses on sale for 50% or less than regular price, buy more than one of that item. I like to buy several so I have enough to last our family until that item goes on sale again. (every three to six months for most items)

4: Plan your meals around what is on sale that week. Believe it or not it IS possible and I cannot tell you how much money this has saved our family.

5: STAY AWAY FROM PRE-PACKAGES ITEMS!!! Like those bags of single serve chips. Sure it’s convenient, but its costing you WAY too much. Get baggies, a bag of chips and make your own. Anything that is made in individual packages like this you are paying for the convenience, when it really only takes less than 5 minutes to do yourself. These companies are making bank off of lazy people.

There you have it. Five of the most important ways to start your way into becoming a Happy Spender. I will have more great ways to save coming soon.

Thanks for reading. I hope I helped you get started and gave you some great ideas. Until next time!

    What are some of the ways you first started your saving journey?


Happy Spending!

Six Easy Ways To Save Without Clipping Coupons


I have people tell me almost every day, “I don’t have time to coupon”, “how do you do it?” or “it seems too hard for me”. I get a lot of “I can never find any coupons I will use’ or “that is way too much work to only save a few dollars.” Well I am here to tell you it is not easy. It does take time. However, there are a ton of ways you can save on your grocery bill without ever cutting one coupon!  I have been couponing for over 5 years now and over time I have learned so many more ways to save money. So if you are thinking “Couponing isn’t for me” that is okay, it isn’t for everyone but, that does not mean you can’t save hundreds on your grocery bill every single month. I have made a list of the easiest ways to save without ever cutting a coupon.



Most Wal-Marts still price match, which means you can buy an item at Wal-Mart and simply tell the cashier that item is on sale at a different store in your area for $xxx. They will gladly change the price for Pricematcherz is a site that does all your hard work for you. Simply pick your state and city and a list will appear with all the grocery stores in your area and the best sale items for each store that week. Simple. Price matching alone has saved my family thousands of dollars every year. It is so easy. If you do nothing else to save money at least do this.


2: Mobile savings Apps:

I cannot tell you how many apps there are now that will save you so much money on things you already buy. Most are as simple as, taking a picture of your receipt. It cannot get easier than that. After your receipt is submitted you will get money added to your account. Most will let you cash out once you have $20.00. You can have that money sent right to your bank account, PayPal, Wal-Mart gift cards, even gift cards to Sephora and Amazon! Some of these apps even have rebates for “any brand” items, like bread, milk and so on. (you were already going to buy it, get some money back for it)

Some of my favorite Savings apps are:




There are so many to choose from and it is super easy to use them all. So download the apps and start saving.

3: Wal-Marts SavingsCatcher and Targets Cartwheel

Speaking of apps, did you know Wal-Mart and Target both have money saving apps? YES! Wal-Marts app is called SavingsCatcher. It is the easiest app to use ever! You simply scan that square barcode box at the bottom of your Wal-Mart receipt and it will automatically load and save the whole receipt to your account. It will then take a day or two to see if it can match any of the items you bought with your local areas stores. If you bought an item that is advertised for less at a different store SavingCatcher will add the difference to your account. You can cash this in at any time no matter your balance for a Wal-Mart gift card! How easy is that? Not only that but, how many times have you needed to return something but couldn’t find your receipt? Not anymore. This app keeps all your receipts stored for you. So all you have to do is pull up that receipt in your account and hand it to your cashier. LOVE IT!

Target is a little different. Target has an app called Cartwheel. They offer percent off coupons for items. I find a ton of 50% off Cartwheel offers. It is super easy to use. You download the app, add the offers you want, and when you check out have your account on your phone. There is a barcode the cashier will simply scan and you will see that percent come off of the items you buy. I love this app around Christmas time. Target offers a new Cartwheel for 50% off of a different toy every day! How awesome is that? You can even save on Christmas toys! The great part of Cartwheel is you can use it and a manufacture coupon both on the same item. Double SCORE!


4: Meal planning:

I cannot express how important this is when it comes to saving on your grocery bill. I am guilty of occasionally slipping up on this, but it is vital! When you plan your meals you can then make a list of only the items you need for those meals each week. Which makes it a whole lot easier to not buy random things in the grocery store. It also cuts down on the number or times you have to stop at the store because you forgot something you need that night for dinner (I will admit this still happens to me) Seriously, ask yourself, “how many times do I stop at the store each week?” and then ask yourself “how often do I only buy what I absolutely HAVE to have?” Guilty. If you’re are anything like me, it is tough just buying the 2 things on my list. I walk by an isle and see something else I “Need”.  That’s what these stores want. Why do you think they put the things we need most like milk, eggs, butter and so on, in the back of the store? It is so you have to pass all the isles to get to those products and chances are one of the end caps will have an item that stands out to you and before you know it, your cart if full. They WIN! Stop letting these stores defeat you. Start meal planning and sticking to your list. Don’t even look in those Oreos direction!

5: Make your meal plan around what is on sale that week.

Again you can use Pricematcherz and write down the things your family will need and the prices. Use what is on sale to plan your meals. It really does not take much time. Fifteen minutes to save you 50%? (sounds better than Geico doesn’t it?) Hit up Pinterest if you need ideas of meals you can make with what is on sale. I promise this will save you so much money that you will never go back.


6: Stock up when Item you use are at rock bottom prices.

What I mean is, if you find your kids favorite cereal on sale for less than half of what it normally cost you, buy three or four boxes. This way you have enough to last you until that item goes on sale for that price again. (usually every three to six months for most products). Another great example is MEAT. In my area the best price for Ground Beef is around $1.99 or less per pound. When I see it on sale I will grab ten pounds and freeze them so I don’t get stuck paying over $3 per pound when I run out. Almost all products go on sale in between every three to six months. TIP: figure out what regular price is for those items your family uses the most and pay attention to when you see those products on sale for 50% or less than regular price. That’s when you know it is time to stock up.


I really hope you all enjoyed these tips on how to save money. See you do not need to sit and “clip coupons for hours” to save money. There really isn’t anything to it. Less than an hour a week could be saving you BIG BIG BUCKS!

  Let me know what your favorite ways to save are! Until next time.

How I started couponing 

Hi! My name is Tessa. I am a stay at home mom of three and a very proud wife to one amazing man! About five years ago now I happened upon the famous T.V. show “Extreme couponing” and loved it. I was so fascinated with how much money these people were saving. I just knew I needed to jump right in.

   Let me tell ya, Couponing is not at all like what the show makes it out to be. It was tough to get into the swing of it all. I had never used many coupons before so it took time to understand all the rules and fine prints. Different stores have different policies and no, you can not use 24 of the same coupon in one transaction like they show on T.V. They made it seem like there were no rules. There are many many rules to using coupons. 

I did it though and I’m glad I did. No I am not able to get 86 bottles of laundry detergent free at one store in one transaction, but I am saving our family thousands and thousands of dollars every year. That alone makes it worth if for me. It can be hard to get started but once you do it is so worth every minute to it takes. 

 Raising three kids on one income is tough. We were struggling bad. I needed to do something to cut down our exspenses. Anything I could do to save is money needed to happen and fast! Even though the show is not at all reality, it help inspire me to try and save as much as possible. 

 Five years later, I still use coupons and I have learned many more money and time saving tips that I am so excited to get to share with all of you.

Let me know what inspired you to start finding ways to save. Until next time.

Happy Spending