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Best Grocery Deals 10/5-10/11 2016

I have to say, I am impressed with how many stores are doing additional special day sales. Hy-Vee is having a three-day sale, Harter House is doing a five-day sale and Murfins is doing a one-day sale. These usually mean GREAT prices with a limit of how many of each item you can get. ( which I love because everyone can take advantage this way. No shelf clearing) Overall a pretty good week this week. So let’s get into it.

Hy-Vee 3-Day Sale Thurs – Sat ONLY 

Hy-Vee one step russet potatoes 5 lb bag $.99
Sugardale Smoked Ham shank portions $.99/lb
7up and Canada Dry sparkling water 6 pk bottles $1.49
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 48 oz $2.88
Doritos or Rold Gold pretzels $1.88
Hy-Vee Macroni & Cheese $.29
Hy-Vee Frozen Veggies 10-16 oz $.78
Willowbrook thin sliced over roaster or smoked turkey $3.99/lb
Hy-Vee Cottage cheese 12 oz $.69

Hy-Vee weekly Sales

Progresso Soup $.99  $1/4 Here
  Pork Roast Shoulder $.98/lb
Hy-Vee kidney or chili beans $.39
Oscar Mayer deli lunchmeat 9 oz 2/$5 with in ad coupon
Hy-Vee shredded cheese 8 oz 3/$5
Dole Salad $.99 limit 1
Hormel Black Label Bacon $1.99 limit 1
Maruchan Ramen 12 ct $1.88 limit 1
Hy-Vee Almond Milk 64 oz $1.99 limit 1
Hunts tomato sauce 24 oz $.49 limit 1
Hy-Vee 16″ single topping pizza $4.00 limit 1
Campbell’s Tomato or Chicken noordle soup $.49 limit 1
Harter House 5-Day Sale Wed – Sun

Keebler townhouse or Club crackers $.97 limit 4
5 lb bag russet potatoes $.97
Dark Horse Wine $5.79
Best Choice 8 oz Shredded cheese or chunk cheese $.97 limit 4
Cooks smoked shank ham portions $.97/lb limit 1

Harter House Weekly Sales

Libby canned veggies $.69
Best Choice Sugar 4 lb $1.50
Best Choice Flour 5 lb $1.5o
Hiland Stick Butter $2.99
Mini Sweet peppers 1 lb pk $1.99
Head of Lettuce $.99
Always Save fries $.99
Best Choice Whole milk $3.29
Best Choice Shredded Cheese 8 oz $ 1.50
Progresso Soup $.99 $1/4 HERE
Shawnee Mills Brown gravy mix $.49
Shawnee Mills Country grave mix $.69
Tyson nuggets, patties or strips $3.99 $1.50/1 HERE
Family Pack Chicken leg quarters $.69/lb

Murfins 1-Day Sale Monday ONLY

Ground Chuck $1.99/lb 10 lb rolls limit 2
Smithfield Bacon $2.00 limit 4
Hormel little sausage $1.00 limit 4
Totino’s Party Pizza $1.00 limit 4 $1/4 HERE
Best Choice whipped topping $1.00 limit 4
Nestle hot cocoa mix 2/$1.00 limit 4
Best Choice Shredded cheese 8 oz $1.00 limit 4
Best Choice russet potatoes 5 lb bag $1.00 limit 2
Best Choice 18 ct lg eggs $1.00 limit 2
Best Choice Sugar 4 lbs $1.00 limit 2
Best Choice Flour 5 lbs $1.00 limit 2
Kretschmar Virginia Homey or smoked ham $3.00/lb limit 2 lbs

Murfins Weekly Sale

3 lb bag Best Choice frozen chicken breasts or tenders $4.99
Red, black or green grapes $1.49/lb
(sorry that’s all I saw that had good prices for the weekly ad)

King Cash Saver Weekly Sales (must add 10% to sale price)

Red diamond tea gal $1.97
Little Debbie Fall snack cakes $1.39
Betty Crocker cake mix $.88
Charmin 9 Rolls $ 2.25 $1/1 in 9/25 P&G

Cash Saver Weekly Sales  (must add 10 % to sale price)


Best Choice Lg eggs 12 ct $.52
Fresh Ground Chuck $1.98/lb 10 lb rolls
Whole Chicken Fryers $.58/lb
Red Grapes $1.18/lb

Aldi Weekly Sales 

Family Pack chicken breasts 5 lb bag $1.49/lb
Large Pumpkins $2.69 each
White mushrooms 8 oz $.69
Red Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.29
Yellow onion 3 lb bag
3 Ct Carmel Apples with nuts #1.29
Lg stalk Celery $.69

Price Cutter 

( I personally did not see anything worth advertising here)

These are the sale items I found to be a good price. If you find something I missed please let me know. I personally go through each sales ad online and write down the products that are on sale for less than normal cost. I am pretty excited to take advantage of all the great special sales this week. Lots of great prices on sugar and flour. ( My family is always needing sugar) Hope everyone gets to take advantage of these deals!

“I would love to hear what your favorite Sale item is this week ! Leave me a comment!”


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