A Day As An Officer’s Wife


A Day As An Officer’s Wife

Those of you who don’t know me, my husband has always wanted to be in Law Enforcement. Last year he got the opportunity to finally do just that. He started school last summer at a Local Police Academy. While he worked full-time during the day he also went to school at night. Talk about the longest ten months of my life.

I have always supported my husband in everything he has done or wanted to do and I always will. I’m not going to lie, though, these were some of the toughest times we have had together. It was so hard on me to be alone day, night and most weekends taking care of the kids. I know it was so hard on him too. He was worn out every single day by the time he got to come home. Not to mention he had to find time for homework. Honestly, I missed my husband so much.

Well, we made it through and he graduated. I am so beyond proud of him!

As soon as he was done with school his work hours changed to over nights. Let me just tell ya, at first I thought to myself “this was easier when you were going to school and working. At least I wasn’t at home alone at night.” I had many sleepless nights before I got adjusted to him being gone at night and sleeping during most of the days. I guess maybe I am just not great with big changes.

As The Days Have Gone By….

Things have gotten easier since then. The part that is the hardest on the wife of an officer is, we never know if that kiss goodbye before he leaves for work will be our last. I am constantly praying he is safe and gets to come home after his shift. Do you know how hard that is? At times its unbearable to even think something could happen while he is at work. I am so unbelievably blessed to have such a caring and dedicated husband who wants to not only protect his family but his entire community.

I Am One Proud Wife

I will forever stand by his side and be proud of the commitment he is making and sacrifice he makes every single day for all of the community to feel more safe. Will I worry every single time he walks out the door?, Yes. Will I pray every day that he gets to come back home safe?, Yes. Will I ever ask him to pick a different career? Heck NO! He is getting to make his dreams come true! That is huge and I could not be happier he gets to achieve those life goals he has set for himself!

Let’s All Thank An Officer For His Sacrifice

Let me ask you to think about this the next time you see an officer. Think about the family he or she might have. The kids he or she may have. About how much he or she is doing to protect his community all while putting their life on the line. These officers are Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers. At the end of the day each one of them have someone waiting for them hoping they will get to come home at the end of their shift.


                   ” Do you have any loved ones who are officers?”

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